Bathing your baby safely

You don’t need to bath your baby every day, topping and tailing will suffice, washing their face, neck, hands and bottom. Always ensure you use separate cloths for baby’s face and bottom.

Ensure you have everything ready and to hand before bathing baby and make sure the room is a comfortable temperature.

If baby really enjoys a bath their is no rule not to bath everyday. It is best not to bath baby straight after a feed or when they are tired or hungry.

The water should be warm, not too hot, ideally at body temperature. Check it with your wrist or elbow or use a thermometer. Some thermometers indicate the ideal temperature.

Add a couple of drops of Mee-go Little Organics Bubble Bath and mix the water well so there are no hot areas.

Hold your baby on your knees and clean their face first using an organic face cloth.

Next, wash their hair with a little drop of Mee-go Little Organics Shampoo, supporting their head over the bowl.

Once you’ve dried their hair gently take off their nappy, if needs be give baby’s bottom a wipe before placing them in the water.

Gently lower baby into the bath supporting their upper arm and head and shoulders.

Keeping baby’s head out of the water, use the other hand to gently pour water over baby without splashing too much.

Lift your baby out and pat them dry using a soft warm towel, paying special attention to the creases in their skin such as neck and behind the knees.

Once dry you can give baby a gentle massage using Mee-go Little Organics Soft Skin Moisturiser.

Never leave your baby unattended in the bath.

You can find more information on bathing baby at www.nct.org.uk/parenting/bathing-your-baby