Our Story

Mee-go Limited was launched by MD Paul in 2012 offering quality pushchairs without the designer price tags. The range soon grew and Mee-go launched its first furniture and pushchair accessories range in 2014. The brand continues to grow with new products constantly being developed.

The Mee-go brand was named quite simply with the help of Paul’s son, Findlay. Paul was looking for a catchy name which had some meaning. When Findlay was starting to talk and communicate he used to say ‘me go potty’, ‘me go bed’… and hence Mee-go was born.

Paul found it hard to find a baby skincare range he trusted, which was made from natural ingredients and kind to Findlay’s skin, so in his quest to build the Mee-go range he ventured into the world of skincare.

Having contacts in Ireland, Paul thought this was the perfect place to start his search and the long process of developing the Mee-go Little Organics range of natural products began.

The cute animals featured on the bottles also have a family connection and meaning… Paul painted some of the characters on Findlay’s bedroom wall, so to continue the family theme they were developed to feature on the packaging.

Paul is proud of his range of natural skincare products, inspired by his son on many levels, and is delighted to present to you Mee-go Little Organics.

All of our products are Made in Ireland using Irish Spring Water and natural ingredients.

Our ingredients are from sustainable sources and at no point have they been tested on animals. They are completely Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly.

We are proud to have received Halal Certification for all of our products. The Halal Certification is awarded to products which are made of all natural plant-based ingredients, with no animal or absorbable alcohol ingredients used.